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...but not for long. As a matter of fact, I actually started looking foward to the next boss battle, because they meant a new combatant to be defeated in a new way. This "typekill hordes of ninjas" system just got a bit old.
Sadly, I was forced to quit in the 5th boss battle after I failed to realise how to beat those wizard ninja clones for the third time. Try making the hints a bit less subtle because I really don't get what you're saking if you got a black bar running back and forth under three different buttons. Attempt to push one of those while the black bar was under it resulted in failure.

Additionally, I found a strange bug, where a ninja with NO HEALTH LEFT continued to run and threw a flashbang at me. HEre's a screenshot - remove the space : img223.image venue.com/img.php?image=26238_Ninja_1 22_562lo.jpg

On the bright side, the game shines with graphics and audio ( though I wouldn't have minded a few different death sounds for the mounted ninjas) plus, as mentioned beofre, the boss battles brought in a nice change from constant typing.


A great game you got there. I don't understand those who don't understand the way it works, since it was actually really simple and user-friendly.
A very good game, which got me hooked for many hours. That's actually the problem of the game since it has a very slow pace and no save button.
Graphics. I wanna know how you made those because they looked freakin AWESOME!

Youdagames responds:

Try playing it offline... The speed rapidly increases!
All buildings are created in 3dmax and a orthographic camera setting was used.
Documentation on all building was gathered by extensive research throughout the net.
The karikatures of the world leaders were drawn in photoshop.
Aftereffects was used to composite shadows. In some cases Poser 7 was used, mainly in the cheats.


Well, I feel quite safe to call this one GODLIKE.
Despite having a bit boring interface it packs an incredible amount of info and proves itself to be extremely useful (the only one in my faves now, yay).
Definetly deserves a front page and a place in the top 50 which is sadly quite far away....:(

One small thing: a printable version would be nice so you could read this anywhere, anytime.


And it is HERE!
The biggest, greatest and most beautiful tutorial your eyes have ever seen. That just makes you feel like hugging everybody who took place in this collab, esspecially you, Deperdation. You made it happen :)

Submissions like this deserve a score above 4.05. *sigh*

Once again, i just feel so damn proud of this...

Depredation responds:

Same :). I hope the score doesn't drop. We need a daily ast if we want the whole $500. Anyway, that doesn't really matter :). I just hope people learn somthing.

Thanks for the review re2 :).



My computer crashed twice during my previous attempts to review this game, so I'll tell you the long story short.
You have obiously put much hard work into this game, so i feel quite sad to tell you this, but shooting glowing shapes is just no fun.


I don't undrestand why the hell did you at all mention CS and Worms. This is a freakin clone of Soldat, even the sounds are the same.
jumping could be better, but it was ok

cableshaft responds:

Because not everyone knows what Soldat is, but CS and Worms are pretty ubiquitous to anyone who has played games. That's why I mentioned them in addition to Soldat.

And yeah, I didn't have the time to search for better sounds, I was on a short deadline and the gameplay was more important to me. In fact, I hate the damn spawn sound for Soldat, and didn't want to use it, but I didn't have much of a choice.

I'm working on an update that tweaks the jumping (amongst other things) right now, actually.


You have unleashed a monster...This game was so addictive, that it should be illegal. The graphics were beautilful for a 3-d game, and they kick the arse of most 2-d games. When I completed this game then I jut had this feeling: "What the hell am i supposed to play now?"
fla must be a monster


The 4 sec fury CE...
I am so mad of my lousy actionscript skills. Thank to them I was unfortunally unable to join...great job you guys have done. I hope I'll evolve enough for the next one


I honelstly wanted to blam this game the first time I saw it because it pissed me so off. Fortunally it was so addictive, that I kept playing it and it became my favourite :D
Next time you could add something the blue balls can't go through...
BTW, I found a little bug in the game. When you get the turbo boost near the finish, then you will be jammed in the finish...at least I did.


Final fortress...I played this for hours in Miniclip...if you are the creator, then you have done a bloody good job with this. the graphics are nice, AI is good and upgrades are neat.


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