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Put some extra effort in it, smoother animatons and we have something that might as well reach the front page.

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Boy am I glad that wasn't my mouth. And HEY! It's a Toof designed to have a sequel! yay.....
BeastToof is an awesome critter :D. All that "barring" and then just "Later".
Graphics recieved an 8, because even though your style looks awesome, the blurred BG was an annoyance(again!), because it ate lots of CPU. Maybe just import a blurred bitmap next time?
Now that almost every single character talks, will ToofCruise still be a mute?
Out of curiosity, why is the name Toof 1300?

MACception responds:

Phew...I wish I was still doin' "Logo Replies" for this one, 'cause there's a lot of good questions...I'll start from the top...

I like the blurrered background, but you're right, to control lag, I probably should just import a blurred bitmap...I'll look into it.

I don't like to talk future plot, so I'll leave the TooF Croose one alone :D

It's TooF 1300 to signify a new series. Why 1300? I really have absolutely no clue...But hey, it works :)

Thanks for the review man.

A masterpiece.

Wonderful. I've also seen all the other episoded on your site and...the easy way to say this is: According to what i've seen you just got yourself 4 awards.
Graphics: Even though they are sticks, the lighting and the cinematic feeling this movie creates make that even. One thing I noticed in episode C was that it somethimes seemed like the whole screen had a transparent linear gradient on it.
Style: It is almost like you're not looking a Flash, but a movie in a cinema. Definetly stands out amongst all others.
Sound: Could use some nudging.
Violence: In this episode it is 2 due to the flashbacks, but in the next episodes that rating will go higher and higher.
Humor: Not much fun here, all serious and dark.

Get-lost responds:

Great to hear that. Thanks

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...but not for long. As a matter of fact, I actually started looking foward to the next boss battle, because they meant a new combatant to be defeated in a new way. This "typekill hordes of ninjas" system just got a bit old.
Sadly, I was forced to quit in the 5th boss battle after I failed to realise how to beat those wizard ninja clones for the third time. Try making the hints a bit less subtle because I really don't get what you're saking if you got a black bar running back and forth under three different buttons. Attempt to push one of those while the black bar was under it resulted in failure.

Additionally, I found a strange bug, where a ninja with NO HEALTH LEFT continued to run and threw a flashbang at me. HEre's a screenshot - remove the space : img223.image venue.com/img.php?image=26238_Ninja_1 22_562lo.jpg

On the bright side, the game shines with graphics and audio ( though I wouldn't have minded a few different death sounds for the mounted ninjas) plus, as mentioned beofre, the boss battles brought in a nice change from constant typing.

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A great game you got there. I don't understand those who don't understand the way it works, since it was actually really simple and user-friendly.
A very good game, which got me hooked for many hours. That's actually the problem of the game since it has a very slow pace and no save button.
Graphics. I wanna know how you made those because they looked freakin AWESOME!

Youdagames responds:

Try playing it offline... The speed rapidly increases!
All buildings are created in 3dmax and a orthographic camera setting was used.
Documentation on all building was gathered by extensive research throughout the net.
The karikatures of the world leaders were drawn in photoshop.
Aftereffects was used to composite shadows. In some cases Poser 7 was used, mainly in the cheats.


Well, I feel quite safe to call this one GODLIKE.
Despite having a bit boring interface it packs an incredible amount of info and proves itself to be extremely useful (the only one in my faves now, yay).
Definetly deserves a front page and a place in the top 50 which is sadly quite far away....:(

One small thing: a printable version would be nice so you could read this anywhere, anytime.

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Nice to see news on the Audio front

Well, to answer you question, I am personally a fan of orchestrial pieces but I don't really mind the more techno-ish pieces(which I believe this piece to be).

Starting off..well, the whole thing has that distinct "fuzzy"(in the lack of a better word) sound to it, but I'm going to assume that it is only because it's a WIP.
However, I do feel like the song starts off to fast and too sudden. Take note of Hell March 3 (look it up on Youtube) which starts off slow and quiet and then spends 25 seconds revving up.
I agree with J-qb and think that it could use more deeper and bassier sounds. And the snares/hithat's he mentioned.

Out of curousity, how are you and Hopeku distributing the work?

Sci-Fi responds:

just to point out, that fuzz is a type of synth lead, is has that sound. and its true it is sudden, but i hadn't woked an intro into it yet, sense i usually do that last. i will try to add some bass elements to it as well.

and i havent had contact with Hopeku at all yet. i but i figure we're doing 50/50


Why battle when you can DANCE?!?

ZeRo-BaSs responds:


damn, that was good

That's some bloody good music... but it isn't for a action game. Every time I listen to it, I just see some awesome melee combat...Just a little question: i didn't quite understand the lyrics much

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Helix6 responds:

Yeah. The lyrics are weird.


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