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Freeware art programs

2009-05-09 17:33:44 by Re2deemer

Here you can see a list of various FREE art programs that can be found on the web. This is by no means a complete list, this simply features the ones that I consider to be worth taking a look at.

If you know a program that should be added to the list, feel free to leave a comment. But remember, it has to be a free program, not a time-limited trial. Feature-limited starter versions are okay.

Update: 22.04.2012


Krita (NOTE - Windows version is highly experimental)
Art Rage (starter edition)
Open canvas 1.1


GIMP 2.67 (NOTE - no pressure sensitivity)


Google Sketchup
Terragen Classic
Terragen 2 (Free Edition)

Note - might require registration on the website

An online set of programs
* Peacock
* Phoenix
* Raven
Sumo paint
dA Muro


Inkscape (vector)
Apophysis ( fractals)
Pencil (animation)


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2009-05-22 20:06:10

This is a more impressive collection of programs than the one on Art101's profile.


2009-07-09 14:28:23

Nice list of programs and the reviews are very informative, keep up the great work. =]


2009-08-29 18:19:13

Even though I hardly read your reviews (just because I don't really need freeware programs) I just to applaud you for writing them. It allways makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I see someone unselfly contribute to the community. And I bet that your work with these programs must be pretty time consuming, and that, of course, only adds to the weight of your deed. So five huzzars for you :D

Re2deemer responds:

"...unselfly contribute to the community."

Here's a secret - I actually started this to improve my non-existent writing skills. I was disappointed at how lousy my literate abilities were. At the same time I had downloaded a bunch of freeware programs and was just peeked over to Art101-s account to find myself mildly disappointed with their list of programs. The idea to write a bunch of reviews myself....came naturally.

As for the time consumption....hell, it's fun to learn new stuff!


2009-08-30 18:44:05

This is a great post, I was wondering how to get a few of these programs. I have gimp and photoshop already but really don't care for either.


2009-09-15 15:09:27

you could add:

photoshop (duh)
cinema 4d (its a 3d modelling program)

Re2deemer responds:

FREEWARE art programs, man.
Besides, GIMP is on the list already.


2009-10-27 04:34:26

Wow! Thanks for the list! It helped me a lot.


2009-11-07 16:24:41

Oh, a recommendation... an online art tool that I found a few days ago (you might have seen the thread on it) is Ze Frank's Scribbler.

Re2deemer responds: has some interesting ideas, but I don't think I'll really go over it. It's basically a typical internet drawing room with the added gimmick of scribbling your art.


2009-11-18 15:27:33

SAI isn't freeware.


2009-12-01 00:27:12

*Quivering Lip*



2009-12-01 00:28:33

cool it's december 1st..only 24 more days till i get the new ipod nano that records video. here i come youtube, alriiiitte

Re2deemer responds:

Say what?


2009-12-11 22:38:43

Very useful list! I've already tried several. Now to get used to using a tablet... though it's better feel than using a mouse it's still not a pencil and paper.

Re2deemer responds:

Oooh, a tablet. Yeah, these can be serious bitches to get used too.


2010-01-16 09:12:19

Include some Autodesk programs under 3D! like Autodesk Maya (used in AVATAR!!)

Re2deemer responds:

Cloudy....FREEware. Free as in no money involved.


2010-01-21 00:55:49

opps Sorry :( if I find som FREE programs you don't have i'll let you know


2010-03-08 08:53:10

When are you gonna bust out the first review of 2010?

Re2deemer responds:

When I stop being lazy and wrap up my thoughts on Alchemy :3
I want to put put Alchemy and Artweaver together. It's hard to think up explanation why I don't like anything though (as opposed to saying "This is a gay piece of shit") and thus Artweaver has stalled me longer than I liked.


2010-06-04 23:41:01

Violent gratitude! Thank you! You are a credit to Newgrounds. I have been using Sumo for about 3 months now, good stuff. Had some friends "pfft..sumo?" me a couple times and decided to "pfft...Gimp?" them. I am, at this very moment, experiencing I am feeling indifferent. I like sumo's brushes a lot compared to this. On the other hand, loving the manipulation points on line/ curves. For the record, I would not have posted this "thank you" if it weren't at least in part an encouragement to continue and maybe even hurry the hell up(?) I understand you have a life, and am sorry for my crudeness, but I needs me some more reviewz! Thanks again! I love you even though you smell like burning plastic!


2010-06-13 06:16:15

as far as i know sai isnt free, the trial thats free is 30 days then you have to pay to keep going


2011-07-06 06:03:13

GOOD LIST but.. Any programs worth the download+install?
I tried GIMP, PAINT, Sketchup... my point, anything unique here that I should install?

(Updated ) Re2deemer responds:

Some of the more unusual ones might be MyPaint, Alchemy, Apophysis, Aviary's Peacock and Terragen. They might not all be exactly useful, but they're a nice change and quite unique in their own right.
You'll most likely find them fun to play around with for some time and might even fall in love with their quirky inner workings.